School without Classroom competition entry

Status: International Competition Entry
Location: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2017
Program: elementary school
Design Team: Yoontaek Lim, Dasom Kim




Learning spaces are not limited to merely school buildings, but societies and cities are actually the places of learning. Diverse social activities and (sub)urban lives teach children many things through their experiences. We think the environment itself can be a school for children.

We hereby suggest an environment for learning, not merely a single school building. Inside of school spaces are all open to and linked to each other. There are no regular programs which means students(children) are free to do anything in any places and time inside and outside of school including rooftop and Tempelhof Feld park. School is not limited to merely inside of building. All environments become schools.

The school is merged into Tempelhof Feld’s plain with only one story building and has a set of circle shaped plan which contains various spaces for diverse school activities including learning spaces, a gym, a library, and a swimming pool, etc. But the usage of the spaces are not limited to single purpose for each. All spaces are planned to be used in multi-purposes. In The middle of building there is a courtyard which is covered with natural plants and gives natural ventilation and lighting to inside. Peripheral stairs are boundaries of this school but they make possible to approach to school from all directions. Boundaries are blurred. Students and other people can equally use the roof top as a park or a play ground. This school itself becomes an environment of Berlin.

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